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Is Bankruptcy Still Available?

YES! You can still file in Oklahoma.

All the fuss when the bankruptcy law changed in 2005 left many people with the idea that there is no more bankruptcy for people. That's not true. Bankruptcy is still available and credit cards and medical debts and more can still be discharged through a Chapter 7 filing. The new law, however, has made it more complicated and burdensome. Unfortunately, some people who may have been able to file on their own without an attorney under the old law now require the services of a bankruptcy attorney to make sure they do not lose their chance at a fresh start. But, with the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney at the Debt Line Law Office, bankruptcy can be a simple a quick process.

The biggest change under the new law are the limits imposed on who may file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is the kind where there is no repayment plan. That kind of bankruptcy is now limited based on income and other factors. You can find our if you presumptively qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with a quick, free call to (888) Debt-Line or (888) 332-8546. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to those who may not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Free Consultation with Bankruptcy Lawyer

Do you want to know whether you qualify for debt relief under the Bankruptcy Act? Would you like to know the costs and procedures of an Oklahoma bankruptcy? Call (918) 878-0010 for a free consultation with a Tulsa bankruptcy lawyer or (888) Debt-Line for an Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney handling bankruptcies statewide. Our attorneys have years of experience in Oklahoma bankruptcy law and in applying Oklahoma bankruptcy exemptions, so that Debt Line Law Office clients can keep their exempt property and still discharge unsecured debts through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma. With a ten (10) minute, free phone consultation with one of Debt Line's Tulsa bankruptcy lawyers, you can know what you qualify for and the costs and procedures involved.


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