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  • Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Right For You?

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt-restructuring plan in which you create a plan that specifies how you are going to repay your creditors. This is in contrast to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, under which you can receive a complete discharge of your debt, but you may lose non-exempt assets in the process. Basically, Chapter 13 bankruptcy […]

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: The Debt Reorganization Plan

    The key feature of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the debt reorganization plan, which can allow you to reduce the principal value of certain secured debts and convert some secured debt to unsecured debt. For example, if you own residential real estate and you owe $3 million in mortgages on these properties, but the properties are […]

  • What To Expect During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

    Chapter 13 is basically a debt repayment plan approved by a federal bankruptcy court and administered by a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee. Each bankruptcy case is different, but the following information is a general summary of what you can expect under Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Oklahoma: The Automatic Stay After you file your bankruptcy petition, your […]

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What To Expect At The 341 Meeting

    At the 341 meeting, you will be questioned regarding your financial position, while under oath and under the penalty of perjury. Your bankruptcy trustee, who will be appointed by the court to work in a fiduciary capacity on your behalf, will present these questions to you. Your bankruptcy attorney may accompany you to the 341 […]

  • What will my life look like during Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

    If it has become apparent that you should file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or you begin planning to do so, you may be wondering what to expect while you are waiting to have your finances analyzed and your debt eliminated. Here is a glimpse into what your life will look like during Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When […]

  • Bankruptcy Court Hearings

    Bankruptcy is not to be taken lightly; it is a serious undertaking with significant benefits for those who use it wisely. Filing bankruptcy can help you keep your home and relieve yourself of overwhelming debt. However, along with these benefits come some serious responsibilities. Your bankruptcy petition and financial statements need to be filed accurately, […]

  • Common Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Mistakes

    When filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, certain common mistakes can needlessly cost you money. Furthermore, some mistakes are illegal and they can prevent you from being able to eliminate your debts through bankruptcy. Here are seven of the most common mistakes made when filing chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Leaving creditors off of your bankruptcy petition. When you […]

  • Five Things You Need to Know Before Filing Bankruptcy

    Fairness under the law often leads to disappointed debtors who were unaware of the limitations of filing bankruptcy. In order to help you avoid unrealistic expectations, and to accomplish as much as the law allows, here are five things you need to know before filing bankruptcy. 1. What is the means test? Basically, the means […]

  • Limitations of Filing Bankruptcy For Debt Relief

    Federal bankruptcy law allows debtors to discharge certain debts in order to receive a fresh financial start. There are, however, limitations to what an individual can do under federal bankruptcy laws. This article discusses a few of the main limitations of filing bankruptcy for debt relief. Non-dischargeable Debts Federal bankruptcy law only allows you to […]

  • Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

    If you are having serious financial troubles and believe filing bankruptcy is the only solution to your problems, you may be wrong. Federal bankruptcy laws have changed. It is now more difficult for consumers to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy will not protect you against foreclosures, wage garnishments and lawsuits. Furthermore, […]

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